Relocation or Emigration

Are You Handling Your Relocation/Emigration House Sale the Right Way or the Wrong Way?

In this climate many of us are moving away to follow job offers, and for your relocation, house sale experts in Aberdeen may be needed so you can get your property off the market fast. Sadly if you’re planning to use conventional methods to sell your property in anticipation of your emigration you will be extremely disappointed. Here’s how people handle their relocation/emigration property sales the wrong way:

  1. Waiting until just before the actual relocation to attempt a house sale in Aberdeen.

    Look into markets for selling your house as soon as you find out about your possible relocation or emigration. This will allow you to find a new home quickly, since it will free up your cash flow. The better you plan for your relocation/emigration, the less worry you will have with your relocation house sale in Aberdeen.

  2. Using an estate agent to sell your property as you prepare for emigration.

    Doing this will make the process a lot longer, and you run the risk of the broken chain scenario happening to you. You will also be subject to estate agent fees, valuation and solicitor’s fees. You’ll also be required to provide a home report.

How to Handle a Relocation House Sale Aberdeen the Right Way:

  1. Let a relocation house sale specialist sell your property.

    Specialist companies like Property Angel Solutions can help you sell your house and get ready for emigration in four weeks or less. Besides relocation or emigration, you may need a quick house sale to get out of debt, because you’ve just separated or divorced, you have a bereavement property or you want to stop repossession. We can help you out of any of these situations with our quick house sale solutions.

  2. Prepare your house for sale.

    Although we accept houses in any condition, if you spruce up a bit, you might get a better offer from us. Clean up your yard and do some repainting. Repair fences, gutters and loose shingles. Replace cracked windowpanes and clean the windows, carpets, mirrors and appliances. Property Angel Solutions will offer to buy your house at a trade price, so make your house look attractive so you can get as much cash from us as you possibly can.

  3. Find out how much your house is worth.

    You can estimate this based on the prices of similar houses in your area. Although we will buy from you at a discounted rate, you should factor in your savings from solicitor’s fees and having a estate agent handle the sale. In this way you can be sure that we’re offering you the best possible deal.

Hidden charges, sundry fees, time delays and interim mortgage payments can eat up much more than the discount we take when you sell to us, and you will find that ours is a much better deal. Our hassle free solution is quick, and it frees you from one of the notorious emigration stressors. Save time, and get cash quickly with a relocation house sale in Aberdeen, so you can move to another city or even a whole new country and start a fresh new life.

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