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3 Worst Things You Can Do With Your Poor Condition Property Before You Sell

In times of slow-down, or worse still when prices are decreasing, getting a fast sale for your poor condition property in Aberdeen is nearly impossible: a quick sale for distressed property is not easy even in a buoyant market. So what do you do when the property market slows down and it gets extremely hard to sell your house? Here are three of the worst – ranked in order from bad to worst – things you can do with your distressed property before you sell.

Bad Idea: Not taking care of the outside of your property

The exterior of your home must make a good first impression if you want to get a quick house sale at maximum price. The first thing buyers will judge is the outside of your house; because that is the first thing they see. It’s necessary to create “kerb appeal” if you’re looking for the best possible price.

A fresh coat of paint is what the doctor ordered. Nothing can beat a nicely painted house. Just use a small amount of imagination – if you think innovatively there is an abundance of ways to do up your house within your budget.

Make sure your front door looks it’s best. A front door should be impressive, because it is the main entrance to your home. Try leaded glass inserts or an antique door. Changing plain doorknob hardware or adding lights to both sides of the door can make it more eye-catching. Just touch up or stain and polish the door if finances are limited and you do not want to purchase anything new.

To do a kerb appeal analysis, whenever you are close to your home, stop a short distance away from the entrance. Forget this is your house and ask a few questions such as, what appeals to you right away? What are the worst external features that can be taken care of? Is your lawn drawing attention to your house or reducing its value? Is the garage or parking space sufficient for the house?

Worse Idea: Not taking care of the inside of your property

The disadvantage of a poor condition property sale in Aberdeen or elsewhere is that the buyer will pay a significantly lower price than if the home was in a better condition. The buyer will insist on paying less than your property is actually worth, because he or she will have to demolish large sections of your home’s interior and pay for any improvements made.

Spring-cleaning does not cost you anything, but even if your curtains and carpets need professional help, it will be worth the money to make your distressed property sell fast. Throw or give away what you don’t need and store everything else neatly in your cupboards. Make sure you have no unfinished household projects – each time a buyer comes across a problem that he thinks needs fixing, he will mentally be reducing your house price.

Worst Idea: Not letting Property Angel Solutions handle your poor condition property sale

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If you are a homeowner with a property in bad condition, struggling to pay the mortgage each month, life could be a nightmare. The bank may be threatening you with repossession, and the bad condition of your property is making it impossible to sell. Worse, you do not have the funds to make the necessary repairs.

If this situation sounds like yours, contact us today so we can make an offer on your property.

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