Investment Opportunity

Are you looking for an excellent investment opportunity? Fed up of leaving your money in the bank which is only earning 3% PA? How does 12 – 24% PA sound?  Interested?… then please read on.

We are currently looking for private finance for our business. Please see the FAQ below, should your queries not be answered, please feel to contact us on 01224 516 110 and we will be happy to assist.

What is your business?
We are property investors. We seek out discount properties in Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland. Generally we hold and lease out the properties as a long term investment. We also act as a finder of discounted properties and sell them onto private investors. We also refurbish properties and sell them on the open market via an Estate Agent.

Isn’t property risky in today’s market?
Yes with the market in Aberdeen has declined over the past 1.5 yrs, there is no argument that property values certainly have dropped. It seems to have stabilised in Aberdeen, are these green shoots of recovery? No one knows for certain! We as investors have to protect ourselves and our investors from a falling market, that’s why we purchase our properties at a large discount from what they are worth today. Even if values drop another 30% we are still protected.

How long do I invest my money for?
It depends on what we require the funds for at the particular time. Generally around 7/8 months is an average timescale, however it could be as short a 3 months. We can discuss at the time of your enquiry. You will receive a minimum of 3 months interest even if we exit after 1 month.

What security do I have?
Your loan will be secured on our assets; paperwork will be drawn up by our solicitors.

Can I take my money back out whenever I want?
Unfortunately not, the time scale will be agreed as a condition of the loan.

Do you have references?
Yes we do. We are happy to provide references.

When is interest paid?
Interested can be paid all upfront, during or all rolled up at the end.

What is the interest rate?
It depends on the loan amount and the timescale of the loan. Generally between 1-2% PCM. For example a £20k investment could earn you up to £400 pcm.

Does it cost me anything?
Nothing at all, we will cover legal cost to set-up the contract.

Is there a minimum amount that I can invest?
No but to be worth your while we would prefer to have the investment a minimum of £10k +.

Is there a maximum amount that I can invest?
Generally no but it depends on what investment opportunities we have available at the time for us. We will only ask for what we require at that time. There is no point in us taking £200k if we only require say £35k at that time.

Can I invest more than once?
Yes of course, we are looking to build a good solid long term relationship with you, it’s WIN / WIN for both parties.

I am interest in buying discounted property for an investment, can you help me?
Yes we can. Just tell us what you are looking for and we’ll see if we can help you.

Should you have any more questions please feel free to email or call 01224 516 110 and we be happy to assist.

Thank you for your interest.

‘As an investor with Property Angel Solutions, over the course of our relations, I have found them to be sure, steady, unflappable and they do what they say they will do. Investing with Property Angel Solutions has become a part of my long term financial strategy and I have recommended investment with Property Angel Solutions to clients and friends’. – Thor Holt. Peterculter, Aberdeenshire. Personal trainer & Property investor.

‘I found Property Angel Solutions easy to deal with, the interest came through regularly and I feel confident enough in continuing to invest (after an initial 8 month investment). It’s a much better return than my building society could ever offer‘. – Sabina H-Brook. Papa Stour, Shetland. Social Worker.

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