Broken Chain

Broken Chain House Sales: Don’t Lose Your Mind in the Aberdeen Housing Market

There are several explanations for why people want to sell their house quickly. In the process of buying or selling a house, a “chain” is a sequence of linked house purchases, each of which depends on the previous or next purchase. For example, Tom buys Dick’s house, and Dick uses the money from that sale to buy Harry’s house. Many times chain buying is a necessity, but there are many uncertainties involved. These are a few of them:

  1. The chain breaks.

    You are looking to sell your property fast because you have financial difficulties and you want to stop repossession, but you must wait for your prospective buyer to sell his or her property. You’re settling on a sale agreement with estate agents and buyers may all be for nothing because after some months, just when your hopes are up and you’re excited about moving your hopes can be crushed by the buyer pulling out, and you become the victim of a broken chain house sale Aberdeen style. The buyer can withdraw for several reasons: he or she may also be the victim of a broken chain, or there may be trouble mortgages or family situations, leaving you in a helpless situation, having to go back to square one.

  2. You have no control over the sale process.

    You can remove this uncertainty with a no chain house sale. At Property Angel Solutions we offer the chain free house sale advantage. By selling to us you get your house off the market fast, and we can modify the solution to suit you, thereby putting you in control. If you need a speedy, fail-safe no chain house sale, we will create a purchase solution to suit you.

  3. Someone in the chain encounters financial difficulties.

    Here at Property Angel Solutions we have funds readily available to buy your property right away so there is no need to lose your mind worrying about your broken chain house sale in Aberdeen causing delays or a complete collapse in the selling process. Remember if you are selling in a typical property chain situation your intended purchaser can easily break the chain by changing his mind and deciding not to buy your property.

  4. Higher costs.

    The costs associated with having an estate agent sell your home is disgraceful, especially after you factor in the extra mortgage payments as you wait for a sale, and the legal fees you will have to pay. Dozens of people are ditching the broken chain house sale Aberdeen option, and are selling privately. Many of them use our chain free house sale option to bring them back on sound financial footing.

  5. Additional debt.

    Many sellers take the risk of escalating debt by opting for a bridging loan or supporting mortgage in the hope of stalling a broken chain house sale for their Aberdeen property. This approach does not offer much in terms of security or peace of mind. However you can avoid broken chain scenarios and the risks that go along with them thanks to Property Angel Solutions.

  6. Restarting the selling process from scratch.

    If you’re like 33% of home sellers and you encounter a broken chain, you may be faced with additional costs associated with restarting the selling process: surveying, mortgage and solicitor’s fees, amongst others. It may seem like an endless transaction, especially if you had hopes of selling your home fast. There are no costs when you sell to Property Angel Solutions – we will take care of all your legal fees etc as part of the package we offer you.

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