Bereavement/Probate House Sales in Aberdeen

The bereavement/probate process makes it necessary for anyone who becomes heir to a house to think about legal and tax consequences if they sell it. The major concerns for any probate house sale in Aberdeen are property and estate taxes. It can take weeks before a probate hearing gets before a judge, who will grant Letters Testamentary if there was a will and Letters of Administration if there wasn’t. The entire probate process can drag on for years.

Since estates can incur substantial court and solicitor’s fees, the emerging trend is for beneficiaries to sell bereavement/probate properties. In some cases, these fees add up to more than the property is worth. Property Angel Solutions helps people steer their way quickly through the process of probate house sales in Aberdeen, because we know that in your time of bereavement, dealing with probate courts and lawyers can be an intimidating task.

The bereavement/probate process begins when a person dies. The chosen estate executor is required to appear before a judge once the probate process starts. The executor has to assemble, catalogue and assess all assets subject to probate. Real estate and financial holdings such as bank accounts, life insurance policies, retirement accounts and monies owed to the deceased should all be listed and appraised.

A list of the deceased’s debts will also be needed. If there are debts outstanding, they must be collected from the estate, not from the beneficiaries who become heir to it. Creditors always receive their money first, and the beneficiaries will get what’s left of the estate. This is just one reason why a quick sale of a house from a probate or through bereavement will be extremely helpful. If a person has very few possessions and cash to distribute, probate is not needed and the beneficiaries can share out the estate without the law to direct them.

Whether or not property that you possess at the time of your demise will need to be probated depends upon how it is titled. If you own your property jointly with someone else, and the property has right of survivorship, if one owner dies, the other will continue to own the asset, and no probate proceeding is involved. Another way to avoid going through probate is to give away your assets while you’re still alive.

Administrators of an estate going through probate can run into unimaginable problems when family conflict exists. A probate lawyer can be retained to assume duties and alleviate family tensions if disagreements crop up. Probate lawyers can also help the administrator prepare legal documents, manage bereavement real estate transfers and sift through the other complex issues that come with probate house sales in Aberdeen and elsewhere.

If you’re the beneficiary of a bereavement/probate property, you may have realised that it needs some modernising or even a complete overhaul. Since the probate period is generally marked by a shortage of funds, you might have no option but to leave the property untouched for a long period of time, causing it to depreciate in value and become less attractive to real estate agents or buyers.

There are also other complications that may surface if you inherit bereavement/probate property. For example, you may be living on the other side of the country, and have no intention of moving to Aberdeen. If you find the idea of a probate house sale in Aberdeen overwhelms you, Property Angel Solutions is here to help. We offer a quick and considerate solution if you need to sell your bereavement property.

At Property Angel Solutions we understand how difficult it can be when you lose someone close to you. The probate procedure is lengthy, and it can be quite complicated when there are a number of beneficiaries involved. We will handle your probate house sale for you quickly at no expense. We deal with everything this way (quickly), and always in the strictest confidence.

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