Sell Your House Fast – even in a Recession

5 Simple Things you can do to Sell Your House Fast

Its not impossible to sell your house in a recession.  Even in lower-demand areas such as Aberdeen there is potential for anyone looking to sell their house quickly to actually make it happen.  All you need to do is follow the following 5 easy things.

Be realistic (but not pessimistic!) about your house price

One of the first things you should do is be realistic with your expectations.  You know the market is in trouble and you know that things aren’t the way they were so be clear with your expectations before ever considering a market value for your house.  Having a realistic view on things will help you better prepare for your house sale and put you in a better frame of mind to deal with potential cash offers.

Make sure your house is appealing – no matter its condition

How can you make a house appealing if it looks like a dump?  Simple things like giving the illusion of space can increase the buyer’s chance to make you an offer.  This is true even if your house looks raggy or rundown.  You have to understand that in most cases, house buyers are looking for potential as well as opportunity and in a recession, you can tick both of these boxes as long as you remain realistic with your expectations and create a few cosmetic illusions.

So what sort of cosmetic illusions can you create?

  • Obvious but somewhat overlooked. Hide things!  If you have an attic or loft, get some of that junk up there – maybe even temporarily put other things up there too, just until your potential house buyer has been to see the house.
  • Show a bit of exposed floorboard.  Its in fashion at the moment to take back original features and represent them in a new way.  If your house is old and shabby, chances are it has a few unique, old features that could sway a buyer in your favour such as wooden floorboards, floor tiles and architectural/design features such as coving and fireplaces.   You don’t need need to have the most impressive old features around but if you can give your buyer a glimpse of character it will help sway him to make you an offer that will help sell your house fast.
  • Neutralise!  Get some cream or white sofa throws to ‘clean’ things up a little.  This will help light reflect around the room and not only tidy the place up but make the reflected light from the light throws make the room seem like its bigger and lighter than it actually is.

Think of your target customer – your buyer

Simple things like considering who will be the buyer can make all the difference.  For example, if you think your house is going to be of interest to families, make sure you make and small, subtle additions to your house to show your potential buyer how a family could fit into your house.  One example could be to show them storage space for toys and bikes.  You might not have very much else in your house but you may well have an extremely large utility room or understair cupboard or other such space-saving place that could just offer your buyer that subtle taste of ‘what could be’.

If you’re thinking of selling your house fast to a professional, commercial property buyers Aberdeen such as Property Angel Solutions then that buyer isn’t really going to be interested in the nuances of family life but would rather see examples of a solid structure, history of a well built product and even history of landscape/geographical advantages such as no floodings, good drainage, park space, off road parking.

What you have to make sure you do is consider the potential house buyer in all instances and then plan your viewing properly and make every effort to give that buyer the illusion (or reality even!) of the advantages that that house would bring to his/her situation.

Sell House Fast with Property Angel Solutions

If you find that despite all of your previous efforts you still can’t sell your house fast then you might want to consider a no hassle, guaranteed cash offer for your house instead from a local house buyer in Aberdeen.  With this option, you can sell your house discretely and even rent it back if the reasons you want to sell in the first place are purely financial in origin.

To receive a guaranteed cash offer for your house, simply fill in the enquiry form on the Property Angel Solutions website and one of our professional advisors will get back to you within 24 hours, at a time of your choosing, to discuss ways in which they can help you sell your house.