Fast House Sale Aberdeen

House Sale Process Explained and How Aberdeen Homeowners Can Sell a House Fast

We specialise in the quick sales of properties and rent backs in the Northeast of Scotland.

Need a Fast House Sale in Aberdeen? We are expert property buyers based in Aberdeen who will purchase your property quickly in a time scale to suit you. If you are looking for a fast property sale you have come to the right place. Property Angel Solutions help people who have an urgent need to sell their house in Aberdeen fast.

Whatever your reason, whether it be financial difficulties, facing repossession, need a quick sale to resolve probate, relocation, divorce sale, poor condition house, broken chain or even to release trapped equity to spend… we are here to help you with a fast house sale.

Here are the benefits you receive when you use our quick house sale process:

  1. Guaranteed offer, no hidden costs, no small print.

    Making a fast house sale can be a complex process. In addition, this is an especially difficult time for the Aberdeen property market. It is possible that there will be a deep recession with negative property growth and repossessions continuing to increase for the next few years. Many people are predicting that house prices will drop during the next two years by 25%-30%. Our offers are fair, based on a full report by a surveyor. We will never take advantage of a distressed seller, what we want to achieve is a WIN / WIN outcome.

  2. Stop repossession and clear arrears.

    There may be many reasons why you need a fast house sale. Maybe you want to stop repossession by selling your house and renting back?, or maybe you have bereavement/probate issues? Whatever your reason, we can help you sell your house.  Developers have reduced the amount of new properties being built, and the number of new houses in the UK has decreased significantly. In spite of the depressed housing market, we will determine the fair market value of your home to enable a quick house sale.

  3. Resolve financial difficulties, release equity to clear all your debts.

    A common reason for needing a quick house sale is financial difficulties, and another is due to a broken chain, when your buyer leaves you in the lurch. Maybe you’re thinking about relocation/emigration, or you’re going through a divorce/separation and need to sell your house quickly. Whatever the situation, even if you have a poor condition property, or you want to sell and rent back, use the form to the right to get in touch with us immediately.

  4. Absolute discretion and privacy at all times.

    You will deal with one of our experienced, locally based (in Aberdeen) associates at all times. Our associates are well trained, and know the sensitivity of the issues you are facing. No one will know you’re selling to us unless you choose to tell them. Even if you decide to sell and rent back, your neighbours will never know the difference.

  5. No costly estate agent, legal fees or home report.

    Although it is possible to sell your house fast in Aberdeen, it involves a lot of paperwork, and it can be quite tedious. Even if you take on the services of a real estate agent, there are several time-consuming steps in the interval. You can get around this drawn out red tape by using our quick house sale solutions. Once you accept our offer we will handle the bureaucracy for you. Of course, you may use your own solicitor – and we pay all your solicitor’s fees upon completion of the transaction.

  6. A specialist dedicated to you, who will take care of you throughout the process.

    The entire process of selling your house fast can be completed within a few days, so if you’re looking to sell your house fast in Aberdeen, you’re looking at the right people. We make an offer within a few days of viewing your property, and we can complete the entire transaction in as little as two weeks. The average timescale is 28 days.

As experienced investors we will consider all types of property in Aberdeen for our fast house sale programmes, even if your house is a poor condition property. Clear debts and remove financial worries with a quick house sale. No more half-interested “buyers” tramping through your home – we will buy directly from you, plus we take care of your legal fees. So what are you waiting for?

Take the next step now… contact us in the strictest of confidence.